Saturday, 22 March 2014

Call To Muster-Middlesbrough show

Brian, Dave and I braved freezing conditions and attended the Call To Muster show today.
We had arranged to put on a demonstration game involving my "El Cid" armies of Spanish and Moors-and it turned out very well indeed!
The show itself had the usual mix of Sci-Fi, Fantasy and Historical wargaming games, and trade stands,plus three or four Re-enactment Groups-in fact something for every taste.
We were greeted by Tom and Dave and shown to our allotted table,we set up and began talking and talking and talking,to as many people who came and asked about our club,rules and figures-we find this an interesting way to get to know other clubs,what they are doing,swapping ideas,and generally talking wargames to like-minded folk.
The trade stands seemed to be doing good business,and the Bring and Buy looked busy too-we hope they all did well.

This is our table before any movement has taken place-I was commanding the Moors,whilst Dave and Brian commanded the Spanish-although we were situated very close to a couple of traders,we still had enough space to move around the table,which was good.

This is a general shot of the Hall-a fashion parade it wasn't!!-The hall was very busy early on,it was a pity that some wargamers didn't turn up to claim their tables though.

Who the hell are these two??-Not "Jedward" by the look of their haircuts!!

Being a Traditional,dyed in the wool Wargamer,this sort of thing is hard for me to understand,but,hey,whatever floats your boat (yes they are Ginger Bread Men!!)

I don't mind Zulus-thousands of 'em,but Dice-thousands of 'em are not for me,but,hey,whatever floats your boat!! (these were linked to the Ginger Bread Men,by the way!!)

Back to our game now,and this shows my Moorish cavalry being given a damned good thrashing by Dave's Spanish cavalry.

I would like to link this photo with photo number two,and EXTERMINATE,EXTERMINATE!!!
I really shouldn't drink Whisky and do the blog at the same time!!

This shows my infantry line about to be shattered by Brian's line-the end was definitely nigh!!
We had a good game,enjoyed the show and everyone we talked to,roll on next year.

I think this is what Paul was referring to in the previous blog(?)
Brian and I might be playing on Thursday morning-possibly "Modern"-ooh er!!


  1. It's good to see Middlesbrough (my place of birth) has a wargame show.

  2. It was good to see you all at the show, and to see a nice medieval game amidst the Fantasy etc!

    1. Good to see you too,and have a bit "crack-on"-keep the comments coming!!