Monday, 20 November 2017

Wellington in India 1805.

Last night we had a 100% turnout(plus Charlie Wesencraft "popped" in to say hello and invite us to his club's Xmas game!) so we ran through the game we are putting on at Stockton on Saturday.
It has been pointed out,by some "knob" that strictly, Wellington in India is incorrect,and that it should be Wellesley in India!!-we know,but it is accepted in Historical circles that Wellington is the name to use!!!!!!!
Not wanting to spoil the visual treat too much,I'll just print a few photo's so you can see what we are hoping to represent.

Most of the table can be seen in this shot-Dave is advising us on tactics-all of the figures are from his expanding collection.

Native troops attacking the village-spectacular!

One of the many gun batteries in action.

Brian's medication seems to be wearing off quicker and quicker these days-worrying!

A view from the village,as the second attack is about to start.

One final shot of the action around the Fort.
Roll on Saturday.

Monday, 13 November 2017

No Game Sunday!

Due to an unfortunate set of circumstances on Sunday,the great-looking game I had planned,couldn't take place,so I have re-scheduled it for next Sunday,when,hopefully,we will have a full turn out!
The week after that will be a no-gamer also,as we will have been down to the Stockton Show,putting on either a "Wellington in India" game or a Participation game,based on Zero fighters attacking an American Aircraft Carrier.

Tuesday, 7 November 2017

Game Preview. Ancients.

Even by my standards,Sunday's game scenario is a bit "tricky",and will test the command decisions of all players-see what you think...........................

A bit complex,but realistic and interesting.

The Gallic attack on Cicero's 7th Legion-contact has been made!!

The Gallic attack on the 7th's Camp-contact has been made!

Caesar leads the 10th Legion to the rescue.

Hmmmmm,that looks tempting!!!!

The Roman Generals will,in particular,have to have their wits about them!-Caesar's Camp must not fall into Gallic hands,but he must help Cicero.
All terrain features will halve movement.

Monday, 6 November 2017

Old Age Kicks in!!!

As per usual on a Monday morning,I took my trusty camera,and a head full of ideas for an amusing and informative blog, into my "computer room"(back bedroom!) only to find that,although I had taken the usual amount of photographs,none could be published because my memory stick thingy had been left in my adaptor in the computer.In other words I had been taking photographs (about 20) which I could never put on the blog!!
The game we had last night had to be ammended because Dave couldn't attend,and was still a Marlburian feast for the eyes-the only thing I can say is that Graham and I were "trounced" by Paul and Brian!!
Roll on next Sunday,when,hopefully, I will have remembered how to operate my camera properly!!-we will/might have an ancients game,but who knows?

Wednesday, 1 November 2017

7YW Solo Game.

The Wife has just cracked her hilarious joke(which she does every time I play a solo game) asking if I've been in the garage "playing with myself!!"-no,I've been in the garage playing by myself-a subtle but significant difference!!
I decided to play a 7YW game with my Prussians and Russians this afternoon,and set the game up as shown...........................

This is the game set-up,with the Russians on the left,and Prussians on the right.I use a simplified version of our "house" rules,relying purely on Morale to decide who wins and who loses,subject to the usual dice throws.

The Russian infantry opened the show by advancing on the farm house,stoutly defended by some Prussian Grenadiers!

The Prussian cavalry are advancing towards the Russian cavalry-I've a feeling that this is going to be bloody!!

As the action around the farmhouse "hots up" the Russian Hussars have charged the Prussian Dragoons-was this a wise move???-if the Hussars are beaten,the whole of the Russian infantry line would be in danger!!!

The heavy cavalry from both sides are moving into contact,with the Russian Dragoons "shadowing the right flank-however a well placed gun battery and some infantry support,knocked them about a bit!!!

The right flank,Prussian Dragoons are also taking a bit of a battering from a well-placed Russian gun-this is going to be tight!

Due to a "shocking" set of dice throws,the Russian Hussars have taken off back to Moscow,leaving one unit of Dragoons to chase them,whilst the other unit crashes into the static Russian infantry!!!!

The heavy cavalry battle is raging,whilst the Russian Dragoons are being subjected to volley and gun fire-they did not like it,and turned tail and fled!!!!

I wonder what the Russian is for "woe is me"-the whole of the flank has collapsed,again,due to some horrendous dice throws,but exhilarating stuff!!

This shot is taken from the Russian side of the board,and shows the "hammered " dragoons being chased by some Prussian cuirassiers-the other cavalry melees went on for some time with neither side gaining any advantage-that is until a morale throw was called for!!!!!!!!!

The whole bloody lot went!!-what a shambles-the reserve Prussian infantry now formed line and advanced,and the Russians had nothing left!
What a game,thoroughly enjoyable.Under normal circumstances I am not a great fan of Solo games,but every now and then it is a wonderful experience-I would recommend it.

Monday, 30 October 2017

Battle of Joshua's Well 1117 AD.

Last night saw the "baptism"(excuse the pun!!) of my newly painted Warrior Crusader army.
Paul and Graham were the Saracen/Moors commanders,whilst Brian and I were in charge of the Crusaders.

Top photo is the scenario,bottom one is the table before any movement.

As Paul and Brian gaze lovingly at each other over the table,Graham and I are racing towards the oasis-as Graham was lighter types,he had the advantage in speed, I had to try and get him into a melee situation-could I do it???

YEAH!!-hook,line and sinker!!!-bit of a problem though-he had the advantage of numbers-I had better watch out,he may try to out-flank me!

Spurred into action,both Paul and Brian advance,Paul using his superior fire-power to great advantage,is attacking Brian's left flank,whilst Graham is pinning him in the centre-good tactics!!

While both flanks are ablaze with action,Graham has sent his infantry crashing into mine-the melee swung both ways for a while,neither side gaining any real advantage-great stuff!!-I only hope Brian is watching my open flank(to the left) because" wily" Paul is massing his cavalry on the hill,just waiting for an opportunity to break through our lines!!

On my right,I am steadily pushing Graham's cavalry back,and the Hospitallers have now joined in,having declared for the Crusaders-hurrah!!

This gives a good idea of what is going on all over the table-however Brian is getting a bit of a hammering from Paul,and came up with an ingenious plan...........................

A gas attack!!!!-Graham is looking calm because it hasn't hit him yet!!!!-apart from that you can see that my Teutonic knights,and infantry are doing well and driving Graham's cavalry and infantry back-however,Brian is still in trouble on his flank(as well as in the trouser department!!)

Graham has given up the ghost,and has withdrawn all of his troops-hurrah!!-but what of Brian?

Well,his whole force disintegrated,leaving what was left of my knights to hold a line and stop the Saracens from getting to the oasis-consequently a draw was declared-and a fair result,I think.
Another good game,using Warrior figures,for both armies-very colourful!
Roll on next Sunday,hopefully we will have a full complement to fight with,and probably a Marlburian game.

Thursday, 26 October 2017

Practical Ideas that work!

Every now and then(though not too often!) I surprise myself by coming up with ideas that actually work-this week I've come up with two!!!
Number one) I have had,for a few months now,10 old and battered horses-some with no tails and most with bent and broken legs,and 10 "Norman" knights,without shields:so I decided to utilise them,and make up a whole unit for my Crusader army.
I "hid" the legs of the horses with wine label foil,and it looked ok,but that is not the practical idea-no,the practical idea involves making shields for the knights!
I came up with the idea of photo-copying a sheet of shields I have from the Osprey Hospitallers book,reducing them on my printer,to a suitable size,adding a "blob" of superglue,and "hey presto!" cracking looking shields!!

This is the page,showing the banners and shields of the Grand Masters,taken from the Osprey Hospitallers(1)-a really good book!-I reduced it by 50%,then stuck it to a sheet of thin card(more of this card later!).When the glue was dry,I cut the shields out using a pair on nail scissors,and............................................

Very convincing!!-I did try to tell the lads that I had hand painted the shields,but they didn't believe me!!!!!-what do you think???

Number two) This must rank as one of my better ideas.
I have a couple of castles for the medieval period,but they have square towers,and some of the illustrations I have of castles from the crusades show castle s with round towers,so I decided to make some round towers!!-Now,being a POP(poor old pensioner) and a MOB(mean old bugger) I don't waste much,and try to utilise what I can from house-hold waste..................

I commandeered two empty pots of Gravy powder and an empty tin,and with my handy tools plus a sheet of thin card,started on the process of making round towers.

I carefully measured the height and circumference of the tin,marked a 10mm line at the top,for the battlements,and then........................

Using scissors to cut the vertical lines and my handy tool to cut the horizontal lines,I achieved the battlements!

I then rolled the thin card to get the required shape,prior to wrapping it around the pots and tins.A liberal application of PVA followed,and ...........................................

The towers are taking shape-I then let the glue dry thoroughly.

Awaiting an undercoat(actually two!) but you can see what the finished product is going to look like.

Under-coated(twice) and ready for a couple of coats of matt white paint.

Two coats of white paint to see what they look like with my existing walls.

Looks ok to me! any comments?

One final shot with two 25mm figures to show the scale.
If you were really adventurous,you could substitute doll's house stonework wallpaper for the thin card!!!!

Monday, 23 October 2017

Battle of Mongol Camp 1242AD

I am quickly running out of superlatives for our recent games!-last night was absolutely great,I can say no more!!

Top photo is the scenario,and bottom is the table before any movement.Because Graham is "giving it large" in Ibiza,and Dave is working himself into an early grave(!!!) it fell to Paul and Brian to be Mongol commanders,and I was in total charge of the Russians(bit like Putin,but with less "connections!)

This is the Mongol opening position,overlooking the Russian advance towards the Camp-Paul commanded the right,and Brian the left-my attack on the camp is just about to get underway!

The top photo shows my column "trundling" forward,and the bottom shows my initial attack on the camp,which was quite successful-hurrah(short-lived,but hurrah nevertheless!!)

Because my left and centre are being threatened,I am moving my Sword Bretheren Knights over to the left to help out,and my waggons are being put into a defensive semi-circle formation.
As Brian moved against the waggons,my cross-bowmen opened up with a devastating volley,which shocked the Mongols and made them re-consider their attack!!(but only for a short while!)

Whilst all hell was breaking loose on the camp,over to my left.I sent my Polish Knights forward to take on the Mongols-in hindsight,not a good plan!!!

At the camp,Paul is slowly,but surely surrounding my Vanguard,and I am in real trouble,however even trying to get my troops out of this situation,I am being "bowed" in the rear!!(ooh er!!)-great stuff,and hilarious,if you're not Russian!

My Polish knights have clashed with Brian's Mongols,and were,initially, successful,however more Mongols are on their way!!

With the remnants of my vanguard fleeing back to seek safety with the main body,I am being subjected to archery from both Brian and Paul,and my centre is looking "shaky" to say the least-a man can only take so much-so a charge against the Mongol centre is being considered(!!)A wise sage once said "don't poke a sleeping lion with a stick"-what does he know?????

An "un-wise" me said "oh cacky!!)-look at how many they are-woe is me!

I am, everywhere, beaten and being driven back,and as the Mongols complete their encirclement of my troops,all looks lost!!

Brian is on the point of destroying my Poles and even my rearguard troops (which didn't appear on the board until move number 4!) and it is all over!!
This was a very enjoyable and colouful game,played in great spirit-well done lads.
Roll on next Sunday,probably a Crusader game,but not set in stone yet!!